Wednesday, March 28, 2012

That grates...

Australian band the Grates are fuming over Weetbix using a soundalike in their NZ tv ads. NZ Herald reports that " Kiwi fans of the group alerted them to the potential copyright breach after finding similarities to the 'Nothing Stops a Weet-Bix Kid' TV advert tune, which has been running for over 12 months.

Now, the cereal's manufacturers Sanitarium could face legal action over the dispute after the band's record label, Dew Process, confirmed to Australian media that they would look into it.

On the band's official Twitter account, The Grates, who consist of Patience Hodgson and John Patterson, wrote: "They asked us if they could record a version of this song for the ad. We said no. Can't believe they did it anyway, jerks.'' The tweet has since been deleted as they probe further."

FasterLouder note that "the Weet-Bix NZ Twitter account has been inactive since 2009 (yes, there really was a weetbixnz twitter account)."

According to the commenters in the Weetbix ad, the music was done by Franklin Rd Productions, composed by Jonathan Bree (of The Brunettes). Don't know if that's correct or not.

Compare the Weetbix ad with the Grates original and see what you think...

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