Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Safari time

Modern Sound Corporation 'Safari' (greg wilson edit), love this. Cos it's got steel drums, and is funky as hell. Free DL for you too. Thanks, Mr Wilson. Check out the story behind this, Greg explains..

"The original, ‘Safari’ by Modern Sound Corporation, [is] a track I used to play at my hometown club, New Brighton’s Golden Guinea, back in 1979. For my edit, I placed the emphasis on the superior instrumental ‘Pt 2′ version, which found favour in UK Jazz-Funk circles at the time, its unique combination of African and Caribbean flavours setting it apart as a dubbed-up percussion driven Disco hybrid.

"Arriving on import via TK’s Sunshine Sound label, prior to its UK release on Epic, it was assumed that this was hot out of Miami – but there was a strange but true twist to the tale, as it turned out to be of Swedish origin, having first surfaced in this unlikely location the previous year. It was, however, remixed by Florida’s finest, Harry Wayne Casey & Richard Finch, from KC & The Sunshine Band."

Just figured out that the steel drums on this tune were played by Rudy Smith, who recorded a very wicked album in Sweden in 1971 with the Modern Sound Quintet, called Otinku. Modern Sound Quintet later changed their name to Modern Sound Corporation.

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