Thursday, March 01, 2012

Payola killing Jamaican music

Spotted via Dave Rodigan on Twitter... "The Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA) says the practice of payola in the electronic and print media is effectively crippling the entertainment industry and stifling the creativity of the country's talented artistes.

Speaking at the Observer's weekly Monday Exchange yesterday, members of JaRIA complained that the practice has become so rampant in the indigenous music industry that some artistes actually include payola in their promotional budgets.

JaRIA Vice Chairman Charles Campbell said he is aware that a popular dancehall entertainer has budgeted wads of cash to be doled out to disc jockeys who are in his pocket.

"A popular deejay budgets $100,000 every month to pay out to disc jockeys. When he voices a song, he e-mails the song to his people and it is played on radio. It does not go through the system," he said....

Read the full story at The Jamiaca Observer.

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