Thursday, February 02, 2012

Governed by you

Wellington band Naked Spots Dance, from a 1982 release distributed by Flying Nun. NSD on this record were Kate Walker, Katherine McRae, Matthew Fisher, Stephen Norris. Produced by Chris Fleming, Ian Morris, Naked Spots Dance.

Amplifier have a Jayrem Records compilation of NZ women's music that features a Naked Spots Dance track, with Fran Walsh when she was in the band (and before she became an Oscar-winning screenwriter and film producer alongside her husband, Peter Jackson).

NSD featured on "the **** [Four Stars] album, released in November 1980, which also featured The Wallsockets, Life in the Fridge Exists, and Naked Spots Dance. These bands comprised the "Terrace Scene" - so named because a number of the band-members lived in a couple of large houses on The Terrace, near Victoria University." [source]

The band released two EPs and an album, according to Discogs.

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