Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vinyl is making a comeback #257

Okiedoke Records founders Clint McEwen, left and Rob Vera pose with their first vinyl record in Oklahoma City , Wednesday January , 04, 2012. Photo by Steve Gooch, The Oklahoman

"Today vinyl is making a comeback, as it has been doing periodically since the CD came along 30 years ago.

What's different this time is that it isn't just being bought by middle-aged blokes trying to relive their youth, but by consumers of all descriptions who want their music to be tangible and, ideally, audibly impressive...."

From "Records a labour of love in modern world", The Australian.

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma...

"Oklahoma pair stake out new career as vinyl record producers as medium makes comeback

Vinyl records, declared dead a quarter century ago, are making a comeback. It was enough to prompt friends Rob Vera and Clint McEwen to take a shot on forming their own record company in Oklahoma City, Okie Dope Records...."

"... "One of the things American record companies haven't caught on to yet, but in U.K. they have, is if you buy a record in the U.K., it comes with a digital code for the download," O'Brien said. "Here, you still have to buy it twice. In the U.K. the product is so much better. It gives you that much more incentive to buy that. They're even reissuing old records in vinyl in the U.K,"says Vera."

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