Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stony Island

Stony Island film screening in LA. Sounds very cool...

"The first film by acclaimed director Andy Davis (Under Siege, The Fugitive, Holes), Stony Island follows the rise of a fictional working Chicago showband at the close of the ’70s. Shot entirely in Chicago—largely without permits—the film features a legion of classic Chicago players, including Gene Barge, Phil Upcharuch, Larry Ball, Richie Davis, Tennyson Stephens, Ronnie Barron, and a young Susanna Hoffs, alongside Dennis Franz and Rae Dawn Chong.

We’ve been talking to Andy about reissuing the film for years, but have never come to any kind of accord. He has graciously allowed us to screen the original 35MM print for the first time in Los Angeles in over 30 years. Our friends at Cinefamily are co-hosting at their Silent Movie Theater.

The details:
Stony Island
February 10th, 10:30PM
The Silent Movie Theater, 611 N Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles

Additionally, Andy Davis will be doing a director’s Q&A, and Numero will DJ on the Cinefamily patio for a few hours after.

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