Sunday, January 29, 2012

Raggamuffin crowds

Photo by Stephen Field
Photo by Raymond Sagapolutele

Photo by Stephen Field

From these photos posted on Raggamuffin NZ's Facebook page, the venue looks like there was a bit of room left (I'm guessing the 1st photo was taken early in the day - no time listed on the pic). I heard from someone who attended Raggamuffin that the venue was about two thirds full. Will  be interesting to see what the official crowd estimates are. Doesn't look like it sold out though.

Raggamuffin announced announced on Friday that they would be offering a reduced gate price ticket, unlike previous years, when they have added $20 to ticket price for walk ups. “Sales have been steady but we want a big walk up on the day too” says Festival Director Jackie Sanders.'

ADDED NZ Herald Online reports Raggamuffin crowds numbered about 20,000, down on last year's 30,000. "It's a big success. I would say it's the success story of the summer music festivals," said [Raggamuffin] spokeswoman Sandra Roberts. The story also notes Monday's Laneway Festival has sold out.

UPDATED: From 7 News: "A 20,000-strong crowd attended Raggamuffin's 5th anniversary concert in Rotorua on Saturday with a further 4,500 attending on Friday night, making the two-day music festival the great success story of summer. Promoter Andrew McManus was thrilled with the attendance, saying it was the "best Raggamuffin yet. Raggamuffin was the great success story of summer," says McManus. "We bought the hottest acts and the fans responded. We are looking forward to announcing the date for 2013 in the coming months."


Anonymous said...

Raggamuffin 2011 wasn't 20,000 and neither was 2012. Smaller audiences every year. Ali turned up on stage though and those 'contractual obligations' that weren't being met by the promoter were sorted.

Peter McLennan said...

Interesting. Just read this...

Yesterday [friday], The Daily Post was contacted by a man who said he was Ali Campbell's manager and there was a possibility the Raggamuffin headliner would not be performing tonight. The man, Chris Harrison, said some "contractual obligations" weren't being met and if the issue wasn't sorted by today, Campbell, of UB40 fame, would not be performing.... Raggamuffin organisers said there was no doubt Campbell was performing."