Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beat Merchants shuts shop, focuses online

Via NZ Musician: Beat Merchants, one of Auckland's last surviving independent record stores will close the doors of its Grey Lynn shop at the end of January, in what owner Jason Howson says is a move to cater for the growing demand in people that prefer to shop online.

"...We’re continuing in business with a more effective online presence, pursuing our strengths as far as product lines and aligning the operation with what we feel will work in the long term..."

The last day at the current site is January 25, before the merchants lug their vinyl crates to a new office space located at 377 New North Road, Kingsland. By appointment, customers will still be able to visit the space and stock up on Graffiti Art and Music supplies. A launch date for the new website is yet-to-be-confirmed.

Beat Merchants was based in Victoria St for many years, and included staff such as Nick D, Dubhead, Mouli, DJ Sirvere, and Big Matt (RIP). They moved to their current base at 555 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn in December 2010.

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