Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stereo freeze preview

Stereo freeze, the new Dub Asylum EP, is out December 19. This ep is a collection of my brand new and way old tunes, pulled together to get them out into the world. I had originally planned to do a melodica ep, then my music hard drive had other ideas and started misbehaving, so I rescued what I could, and this is what you have here.

Jumping Jack Skank is a brand new melodica tune that stomps along, while Get It Together another fine melodica number, originally recorded in 2002 and was intended for inclusion on the debut Dub Asylum album. It didn’t fit with the other tracks, but I came across it recently and it’s still pretty groovy.

Skatta and Skavoovie are two well-solid brass-driven tunes, the first with sampled horns, the latter with splendid trumpet work from Olly Harris (WBC/Kolab). Point Blank also features Olly, alongside his former cohorts in the WBC, Oliver and Maitiu, with the bottom end being held down by legendary bass don dada, Chip Matthews(Open Souls/Anika Moa). This was recorded around 2006, and has been hanging round waiting to escape out into the world.

Jump and Twist emerged in 2009, wrote it in one session and shared it round some DJ mates for NZ Music Month that year. It has been specially remastered for this release. Enjoy!

Preview the tunes below...

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