Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Poi-E disco mix

I played this song on my radio show a few weekends ago. I pulled it out to play as it had come up in conversation online, with the folks at Kiwi digital distributor Amplifier.co.nz.

Last week I posted a video clip I'd come across of Dalvanius talking about the origins of the song, and mentioned it on Twitter. Amplifier then linked to the 25th Anniversary Edition of the album with bonus remixes. I replied, telling them I had the 12-inch of Poi-E with some disco mixes. Funny thing - they'd never heard of this release. Didn't know it existed.

P-Money joined in the conversation, mentioning he had a mint condition copy that he'd picked up this year. Amplifier checked with Jayrem Records, and they hadn't heard of it either, and didn't have any masters on file. So Amplifier have arranged to borrow P-Money's copy so they can get it digitised at Stebbings, ready for a digital reissue.

From Amplifier: " It started with a question on Twitter. Peter McLennan (Dub Asylum, Hallelujah Picassos) asked "Any plans to release the Poi E 12"). That was news to us and Jayrem Records, we didn't even know it existed.

A quick search was done through Dalvanius's archive at Jayrem and a mention of the 12" was found in his recording notes, but frustratingly there were no master tapes.

Once again Twitter came to the rescue, with P-Money getting in contact to say that he had a mint condition copy of the 12" that we could borrow.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks Stebbings in Auckland transferred the tracks from the vinyl and carried out a restoration to bring them back to life.

And now, for the first time since 1983, here is the Poi E 12", released digtially, with 4 versions of Poi E and a live version of the haka, Taranaki Patere."

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