Friday, December 09, 2011

Mission Bay music fest postponed

Mission Bay Jazz and Blues Streetfest just posted this to their Facebook page...

"Unfortunately due to ongoing, and the threat of further, High Court action by the Mission Bay Business Association, Retail Holdings Limited and Drive Holdings Limited against Auckland Council in an attempt to stop the iconic Mission Bay Jazz and Blues Streetfest from proceeding, next year’s 11th annual Streetfest event is regrettably postponed until further notice.

"Despite the event’s support from tens of thousands of Streetfest fans, the majority of whom are local Mission Bay residents, the event organisers feel that it is untenable for the Streetfest to be staged when such legal proceedings continue to force the City to defend its right to permit large scale public events in Auckland at considerable cost to all Auckland ratepayers.

"This is the Event Organiser’s view and not that of Auckland Council. Thanks to all the event patrons & fans, awesome bands, suppliers, regulatory authorities and volunteers who all make the event happen and who have loyally supported the Streetfest."

ADDED Some background from a news item in February...
Mission Bay Jazz and Blues Streetfest raises concerns

excerpt: "... a sponsorship dispute before last year's festival resulted in the businesses being excluded from the streetfest with a fence covered in black scrim being put up between the hospitality strip and the festival.

"Our overall problem is the nature of the event has changed," Retail Holdings general manager Darryl Henry says..."

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