Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Israel Starr

Israel Starr - Foundation by Newtown Sound

Copped this mean local tune a while back, it's a collaboration from Welli reggae DJ Art Official and vocalist Desta Buchanan, son of Aotearoa reggae legend Mighty Asterix.

You can read a great interview with the fellas over on Niceup. They were selected to perform at the Byron Bay Reggae Festival in Australia in September.

Wicked tune, gents. More please!

Here are download links to the wav files.


"So Desta, as you said, your dad is The Mighty Asterix, a legendary NZ reggae vocalist. What was it like growing up and having your dad as a mentor?

"Yeah having Dad around has played the biggest part in who I am as an artist. I mean in every way, from hearing him sing every day to listing to the tunes he was getting from all the top selectors around Aotearoa. So all the music that was hitting my ears from day one was the best of the best, and now I've acquired a taste for the finest high-grade music.

Dad would always listen to a lot of other types of music, especially gospel, P-funk and all the greats, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, the list goes on. So he provided me with an immense knowledge base of all types of music, which has made me more of a versatile artist.

Dad lives the lyrics too - I don't think I know anyone more ital living then Pops. I could go on about Pops but I'd have to write a book hahaha! Bless up Pop!"

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