Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cian's top 5 record stores

Cian (R) with Gilles Peterson, at Conch.

Found this in an old Volume magazine (old as in 4 months ago). Cian O'Donnell of Conch Records lets slip his favourite record spots. I've added links to it.

1. Rooky Ricardo's Records, Lower Haight st, San Francisco.
2. Disco 7 (Disco Sete) - Sao Paulo
3. Disk Union - Shibuya, Tokyo
4. Basement of Rasputins, Berkeley, California

ADDED Just found an article on Cian in NZ Musician magazine from 2003, here's his all time Top 5 tunes from that story.... FYI, he hails from Hereford, England. There ya go.

Que pena  - Gal Costa
The season - Beanfield
Song for Mozambique - Archie Shepp
Renaissance - Jean Luc Ponty
Lately  - Massive attack

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