Friday, September 02, 2011

Trinity rerooted

Trinity Roots play Auckland this evening, as part of their ongoing reunion shows. The weird thing is, it's not really Trinity Roots. Not the original lineup, anyways...

The band decided to call it a day back in 2005, just as their popularity was at its height. Many fans were very disappointed by this.

"We split up for a good reason and it was basically after being in Trinity for five or six years, we all felt that we needed to explore other musical genres and Trinity was becoming some sort of machine. If you get to a certain level, there is a momentum that takes over. And you feel like you're not in control anymore and it is a bit unnerving," Warren Maxwell said, in 2010 (NZPA).

Speculation at the time was that they had spilt due to personal differences. The band reformed last year, with the original lineup, talking up possible new recordings and live shows. They performed in NZ and also Australia.

In late July 2011, however, the band quietly announced that original drummer Riki Gooch was departing...

From the band's official site: "It is with much sadness that we announce Riki Gooch has decided to move on and will no longer be beating drums in TrinityRoots. 

We thank him deeply for all that he has contributed to the band – we all know he’s an incredible musician and we wish him all the best for the future. ‘You leave big shoes to fill bro…’

TrinityRoots will however carry on, as will all our confirmed future shows – watch this space for further announcements."

That press release is a rather impressive piece of diplomacy. It says a lot without really saying anything. Whoever wrote it should get a job at the UN working for Helen Clark. The weird part is there is no explanation of why Gooch is leaving.

I have heard their new drummer is Jean Pompey. She also plays in Olmecha Supreme, and Mara and the Bushkas. Check her out tonight at The Powerstation.

8pm - Dubhead, 9pm - Tyra Hammond and the Bluebirds, 9.50pm - Dubhead, 1020pm - Trinity Roots.

ADDED Saturday Sept 3 - heard a few reports on last night's gig, apparently their new drummer ripped it up, and not only can she drum, she can also sing. That would add a cool dimension to Trinity Roots sound -they have of course toured in the past with a guest female vocalist, such as Hollie Smith. Heard that Pompey sang Dawn Penn's No No No from behind the drumkit. They are also using Mark Vanilau on keys live, and he's got a great voice too.

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