Thursday, September 29, 2011

R.I.P. Dan Birch, Beat Rhythm Fashion

Just saw this via Failsafe Records on FB... "Some sad news today. Dan Birch, bassist and co-vocalist/songwriter for Beat Rhythm Fashion passed away today. Here's Dan taking lead vocal duties for their fantastic single Turn of the Century. Dan's brother said he was found asleep on his couch with a smile on his face and that's how we'll remember him, always with a wiry grin. Thanks for the great music Dan."

This is easily one of my favourite NZ songs of all time. 

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TorrenceBloodyAlaska said...

Dan you Old Scoundrel, you Beautiful, drunk, Sensitive, cynical, Genius in your own bottle, you made the turn of the Century and your prospects were greater than you, with all your perspicacity could see, maybe the Clouds of Smoke just got too Thick and the drinks too Long and Strong in the bar room of your brain.
But hey the tunes were wicked, Piss on the Pope wicked and you could pull all that Shit outta thin air, one liners, two liners, ocean liners. The guitar, argue with anyone, sometimes you were just too clever, the bass, charm the pants with your boyish beauty off some babe you weren't even interested in, scramble the keys off a piano like an Bloody Mary Omelette , but but but you could never beat me at Rock Scissor Paper, so off you'd go and bash those drums till Otto would growl'n howl at the moon and sing better than both of us and we'd all laugh and Mate, Maate, Maaate you were John, Paul George and Ringo rolled into one Huge Spliff, even if you hated pot.
You were Just Too Beautiful you knew it and you thought that we didn't.
But We All Did.
We always Loved ya and we let ya run cos you were so much Fun, mayb we shoulda pulled ya up, but man you could be headstrong and Fucking irrational with it Rrrrr, you gottaway with RedRum Man, now it's our loss and these tears and RedWineSpills, AARRGH.
Dan,Dan,Dan, Man we had some Wild Fucked up Screwed down Tight Nights.
So wherever ya are drive hard, drive that Bitch like there aint no tomorrow, there aint no crashtestdummy barrier bullshit and there aint no pit stops, and ther sure as Hell aint nunah that .05 Bullshit so just have another Hit, Dan it's just batfree'n open straights with tight curves and chequered flags, and you've got pole and Senna's hot on ya pipes, so Floor it Brother, Hit it hard and make that Bitch Scream.
And so long as no one's hurt and nothing's damaged we'll manage...
I hope it's Beautiful out there Danno.
These tears are mine.
You Run Free Brother and give my Love to Jonno...