Monday, June 13, 2011

Pain's People

Pain's People is the work of one John Pain, ex Black Girls Machine/Hallelujah Picassos/Nudie Suits. He's just posted this cool twisted little tune, from 2004 - previously unreleased: A companion tune to 'I got flowers', which was released on the compilation 'Froth EP Vol 1' on Forth Records [corrected]. And it's available for download. Check it out.

say after me by pains people

But wait, there's more....

so long, negative creeps by pains people


Stinky Jim said...

hey peter, props for the pains peeps pimping but 'i got flowers' was on the one and only 12" for Froth Records, not Sideways.. still would love to do or just hear that mythical Pains People album..

Peter said...

hehe, thanks Jim. Got that info from Mr Pain's post on Soundcloud, Have corrected it