Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Make Capital

Capital Recordings was a Wellington-based label active in the early 2000s, formed by Brent Gleave and  Jason Harding (aka Clinton Smiley). They produced a ton of great music, then faded mid-decade.

Amplifier has picked up a bunch of their releases and has them at a very special price, both CDs and 12"vinyl from the likes of Dub Connection (feat members of Fat Freddys, Jet Jaguar, Black Seeds), The Moodswingers (a cool little project from Toby Laing of Fat Freddys and Mephisto Jones), Jet Jaguar, Audio Sauce (features the above tune), and also Die Die Die, Fanatics and the Illphonics (feat Hollie Smith, P-Digggs)....

Full list of goodies here. CDs $6.95, vinyl $9.95.

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