Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I was introduced to the magnificent funk of Collision a few years back by fellow BaseFM DJ Jubt Avery (of The Boil-up show). This clip came to my attention from Chris Bourke via his blog.

"Originally from New Zealand mill town Tokoroa, Maori funk band Collision emigrated to Australia in 1976 and got a gig at Les Girls in Sydney's King's Cross district. In 1978 they recorded their only album - Collision - for the Infinity label in Sydney.

The producer/engineer was Richard Batchens, house producer for Festival Records. Overlooking the production was Dalvanius Prime of 'Poi E' fame. Nick Bollinger's "100 Essential New Zealand Albums" (Awa Press, 2009) revived interest in the album; he says Lionel Richie encouraged the group to move to New York, but that was a step too far.

Collision were Harry Morgan (vocals, sax), Ali Morgan (vocals, guitar), Charley Hikuroa (vocals, bass), Colin Henry (vocals, drums), Philip Whitcher (all keyboards) and Mike Booth (vocals, trumpet).

These are the first three tracks of side one (the fourth and fifth tracks will by uploaded separately). 1. You Can Dance (A. Morgan); 2 You Give Me Love (Muggleton-Nobel); 3. Love Finds Its Own Way (J Weatherley)."

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