Monday, May 16, 2011

Tu meke!

The Yoots are led by the exuberant Mister Joe Lindsay, aka Ho-Pepa, the man who holds down the trombone for Fat Freddys Drop. He formed the group with his brother Sam in 2006.

They've played at festivals such as the Cuba St Carnival, bringing the warm sound of calypso and ska to the Capital. With this album Sing Along With The Yoots, they've taken the sounds of the Carribean and melded them with Maori songs such as Tutira Mai, and E Papa Waiari, to great effect. It's a glorious collection of tunes that make you want to sing along (as the title would suggest), and The Yoots have thoughtfully provided all the lyrics in the CD booklet. How helpful.

Out now on Economy Records, the folks who bought you the magnificent debut from Lord Echo (aka Mike Fabulous).

The Yoots - Sing along with the Yoots MP3s at Amplifier (incl audio previews), CD at Conch or Mighty Ape

Track listing
1. Nga Iwi E
2. E Papa Waiari
3. Pupu Ake Mai
4. E Te Ariki
5. Me He Manu Rere
6. Huai Huai
7. A, E, I, O, U
8. Ka Ru Ka Ru
9. Hoki Mai
10. Tutira Mai
11. Toia Mai
12. Po Atarau

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