Wednesday, May 11, 2011

London's burning

My friend Hans wrote his thesis on punk rock when he was at university in his native Belgium back in 1980. It was a photocopied self-published document of the punk rock scene at that time.

"It explores the sociology of punk in Britain, its history and cultural aspects such as music, imagery, fanzine publications and independent record labels. The analysis section embeds the phenomenon in the rich tapestry of British post-war youth cultures.  It has a new (2011) preface and is concluded with short essays and updates. It contains original punk rock band photography and a substantial bibliography and URL resource list."

He's recently completed the huge task of translating it from Dutch into English ready for publishing, and I designed the cover for it (with a photo from Jonathan Ganley, of The Clash in Auckland). The e-book is out now on Amazon (for Kindle) and there's a print version on the way too.

London's Burning: An Exploration in Punk Subculture (Amazon)

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