Thursday, May 12, 2011

3 Sided Dream

The latest issue of Wax Poetics magazine returns to the theme of jazz, with Jazz's Mad Men. One of the albums profiled in the mag is The case of the 3 sided dream in audio colour, by Rashaan Roland Kirk. The tale behind it is pretty crazy.

Kirk cut this album while his producer at Atlantic Records, Joel Dorn, was leaving the label, as it had morphed from jazz and soul into a rock monster, with Led Zep, Cream and CSN&Y. Unfortunately for Kirk, he wanted to depart too but still had two albums to go to fulfil his contract. So, he cut two albums simultaneously. As you do.

Only hitch - the budget was a mere $21,000, and they ran out of money after only recording three sides. Solution? He handed in a double LP with music on three of the four sides of vinyl.

This blog on the album describes it a concept record and fills in the story... " the fourth [side of the record] is a blank 12-minute track with 30 seconds of conversation at the very end." Nutty.

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