Monday, March 14, 2011

Vinyl is making a comeback - Delhi edition

From the Hindustan Times...

"About a decade back, Radio & Gramophone House in Connaught Place, one of the oldest music shops in the city, did away with the shelf displaying Long Play (LP) records. About two months back, it restored its exclusive LP shelf, now full with recently released LPs of both western and Hindi film music. “We restored our vinyl shelf because now there is a sudden spurt of interest in LPs. Many of those who approach us are youngsters who have dusted off old LP players bought by their father and grandfathers. In the past month alone, we have sold dozens of LPs and new players,” says Rishi Jain of Radio & Gramophone House, set up in 1951 by his grandfather.

Jain is not exaggerating. Long play records are staging a quiet comeback, with top music shops across the city once again storing and selling them.

Landmark, the largest book and music retailer, has a rack devoted to LPs at both its Delhi and Gurgaon outlets. At present, the Gurgaon outlet has almost run out of stock. “We’ve sold almost our entire stock of LPs. There has been a huge rise in demand in the past couple of months,” says Albert John, in-charge of the music section at Landmark, Gurgaon."

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