Monday, March 28, 2011

Vinyl is making a comeback #252

"She has a job, college plans, but also a peculiar passion for a16-year-old: She's a vinyl junkie. That's right, analog. And none of that hipster new stuff ..." Teenager Sarah McCarthy got given a stereo by her grandfather, after discovering a stash of old vinyl in his basement.

"This girl's in love with vinyl, and she's not the only member of Generation Digital with an ear for analog.

"My dad always had these old records in the garage and I never got to use them until just recently, when my uncle let me have his old record player," said 14-year-old Nick Spates, a Los Angeles eighth grader who plays guitar and piano.

What'd he find in his dad's two milk crates? A lot of George Clinton - "He's a genius. I swear," declared Nick..."

From "Vinyl makes a comeback, again." From Originally from Associated Press, it got picked up locally by Bay of Plenty Times with photo of Sarah, the teen vinyl fan. "Vinyl revival led by teens with old souls".

I've been tracking the vinyl revival story for a few years now (thanks to Google News alerts), it seems to come up somewhere in the world every two or three months. Until recently. This year, I see this story popping up two or three times a week. Something is up. And it aint just vinyl sales going up...

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