Wednesday, March 16, 2011

RIP Smiley Culture

"Reggae star Smiley Culture dies during police drugs raid on Surrey home". Link.

"British reggae star Smiley Culture has died after a police raid on his home, it was reported today. The musician, who had hits in the Eighties, is believed to have stabbed himself as police swooped on his home in Warlingham, Surrey.

The 47-year-old, real name David Emmanuel, was due in court after being charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine in September last year. It is believed he died in the kitchen after police tried to resuscitate him."

From the Guardian... Smiley Culture made us proud to be black and British...

"Smiley's first and best hit Cockney Translation with its classic line, "Cockney have names like Terry, Arthur and Del Boy / We have names like Winston, Lloyd and Leroy" stopped you dead in your tracks at the very moment when black Britons were wrestling with the Tebbit acid test.

"I didn't realise that I could support England and the West Indies until I heard it. Because 25 years ago black guys were still struggling to get into a lot of the white clubs – which were of course playing black music. Our parents stood up to this discrimination by building mobile discos called sounds or sound systems, playing tunes from back-a-yard."

Smiley Culture on Top of the Pops, check the horn section dressed as coppers

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