Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No more grey walls

Image: Sideroom.com/Askew

The folk at Sideroom.com have set up a petition, called No more grey walls.

Please go and have a read and sign it, if you want to show your support for Askew and for street art in Auckland. Cheers!

Here's one of the comments left on the petition...

Melissa Crockett: "I host a lot of journalists for Tourism NZ, promoting great parts of the city. In the last month I had a Chinese film crew who requested to view and film graffiti art around Auckland City, and last week I hosted a travel writer for The Times (UK) who asked to visit grafitti art in Ponsonby and K'Rd. 

"He was writing about an Insider's Guide to Auckland - for people visiting during RWC. He was very enthusiastic about graffiti art and is planning to include locations of good work around the city. He (and I) would be horrified if it was grey washed out by RWC time!"

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