Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mystery wax

One of the one dollar 12" singles I picked up at the Record Collectors Fair was a white label tune. No info, nothing, just the label name, Unit 7 (pictured above). Was a bit of a gamble, but hey, it was only a buck.

Got it home, had a listen, googled the main lyric from the chorus - "Can't get over you". Turns out it's the debut solo single by Shara Nelson, from 1986, 5 years before she sung on Unfinished Symphony by Massive Attack. Score! (I digitised the vinyl, listen below)

Can't get over you was produced by Lindel Lewis, a UK reggae producer who has worked with a huge list of reggae artists, and who left school at 17 to join his dad's steelband, The Nite Blues Steel Band (who I posted a song by earlier this week!) Read his extensive bio on his Myspace page.

I also discovered that Shara's previous release was as part of a group called The Circuit, who released a single on legendary UK reggae label On-U-Sound Records in 1983.

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