Monday, March 21, 2011

High Noon Tea playlist, KiwiFM

High Noon Tea is a NZ reggae and downtempo show I do on KiwiFM every Sunday from 3-5pm, repeated Friday 2-4pm. I also record a version of it for Air NZ's inflight audio, so check that out next time you're jetting off overseas. Here's what the radio show sounds like...

Cornerstone roots - Forward the sax
Fat Freddys Drop - Hope  -Sonsine remix
Jahlicious - Panicked
Pitch black - Unadrumma - Sunshine sound system remix
Sound foundation - Lethal dub
Ladi 6  -Burn with me
T-Son - March of the troglodytes
Shogun orchestra - Legane
Aquaboogie - Brown lawn
Onelung - Mystery cake love
Salmonella dub - Problems - Zion train remix
International observer - Vale
Karl Marx project - Mists
Recloose - Still beyond me
Illphonics - Deeper
Tubbs - Useless
Murk108 - The soldier
Stinky Jim - Triple agent
Scratch 22 - Medicine man
Plastic junk - Man from Atlantis
Wild Bill Ricketts - Loo loo

UPDATED: I was replaced as show host in June 2011, although the KiwiFM website still lists me as host.

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