Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Suzanne said

Spotted this over at the splendid Mysterex blog, (hat tip to Russell B for the link), Suzanne Said by The Shallows, feat Roy Montgomery, Mary Heney and M.S Agro.

From Mysterex: "A follow-up EP was mentioned in the insert (which also outlined the costs of making the single) but never appeared. Fans would have to wait until Dadamah and the solo singles of the 1990s to get their fill of Montgomery's reverbed guitar and doomy vocal. Trial By Separation, the flipside, is well worth a listen."

Also found a cool video of a tv news item labelled as"Flying Nun Records 10th Anniversary 1991" but I can't post it cos it comes with a crappy little message attached to it -"This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

Hey Warners, you don't own Flying Nun any more, remember? Please tell Youtube about that, aye? THANKS.


failsafe said...

That's from the good work Andy Ellis has been doing encoding and uploading his nz video collection to his youtube channel.


always go direct to the source.

also check out my similar work at


Warners doesn't own flying nun but they do manage their content distribution which was part of the buyout deal I guess, unfortunately.

Peter said...

cheers for that info. I did go direct to the source for that video that failed - it's on chillblue07's channel. I have a feeling that using Warners for FNun's digital distribution is gonna slow down some of their releases massively. Like it will prevent bands setting up Bandcamp sites for their music.