Friday, February 04, 2011

Good things

"When I was a business consultant back in 2002, I attended a big quarterly meeting with the company where the new hires had to participate in talent show. I decided to sing "Mama Hold My Hand" to pay tribute to my managing executive who was absent from the event to attend his mother's funeral. The song really touched my colleagues and brought some of them to tears. A senior manager approached me and said, "Hey kid, you really should do something with that song. You might be in the wrong business." The next year, I was laid off, and I decided to try to make music my career."

Source: Aloe Blacc talks about his album Good Things track by track.

Aloe Blacc is back in NZ for some more shows following his recent sellout AKLD show which was a sensational night - Feb 16 in AKLD (note date change from earlier announcement) and Feb 17 in WGTN. Tickets available from Under The Radar. I know I've posted that clip before, but damn, it's just incredible. And who doesn't love their momma?

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