Friday, January 28, 2011

Scribe interview on Campbell Live

A week ago Scribe took to Twitter and broke his silence on the scandal surrounding his sales awards ending up on TradeMe. "There's way more to this story than meets the eye but i'll only talk to a journo I trust. @JohnJCampbell The truth must be told."

Earlier today he popped up on Twitter again, to say "The Press are actually harrassing my family members at work..If you want the full story watch Campbell live tonight!"

His interview with John Campbell is frank, honest and surprising. Scribe says he got about $1000 for his awards, but when he tried to buy them back, the pawnbroker asked for $8000. He said that he had pawned them as his family had cut him off from ready access to money, due to his problems at the time with gambling, drugs and alcohol. He admits he learned his lessons the hard way.

As you can see from this interview with Scribe in April 2010, he had hit rock bottom. Three family members had died in 2009, and his partner left him and she and their children moved to Australia. They've since reconciled.

Scribe's appearance on Campbell Live is over here. Respect to Scribe for his honesty. "Im a full time dad and a part time musician".

ADDED The auctions closed , earning $6829 in total. Two awards are off to Peter in Paeroa, and two to Greg in Auckland, A Christchurch strip club did not win the auctions (see earlier tacky story on Press Strip club leads award bidding).

ADDED Sat 29th Jan:  Christchurch paper The Press has transcribed large parts of the Campbell Live interview for yet another story on Scribe, adding in whatever dirt they managed to dig up on him into the mix. You get the impression they are sticking it to him for refusing to speak to them. Way to treat your hometown hero....

...quote from the article -   "Music industry figures say his bid to raise money through a pawnbroker is a "very bad look" - what music industry figures? Who said this? Anyone know? Did The Press lift if off Twitter from someone?

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