Saturday, January 01, 2011

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Sat Jan 1

Mr Scruff - Get a move on
Sly n Robbie - Softcore surge Ashley Beedle remix
Specials - Message to you Bombs edit
Colm K and the freestyle mellowship - Dancing skulls main mix
Lord Echo - Thinking of you
Footsie - Cuss cuss footsie dub
Amadou and Mariam - La realitie
Ely Paperboy Reed and the trueloves - Ace of spades
Sharon Jones and the Dapkings - The reason
Whitefield bros - Safari strut
Junior Murvin - Bad weed
Viceroys - Walkie talkie
Big Youth - Jim screechy (Smith and Mighty mix)
Smith and Mighty - Bi line fi blow
Schoolly D and Joe Delia - The player - Ganja kru remix
LCD sound system - I can change
Liquid liquid - Cavern
Redds and the boys - Put your left hand in the air....
Harlequin fours - Set it off - Walter Gibbons mix
Casino music - The beat goes on
Patato and Totico - Dilo como yo - Antibalas remix
Ariyo astrobeat arkestra - Crosstown traffic
Belleruche - 56% proof
Luciano - Life - Da Lata remix
Fat Freddys Drop - Midnight marauders - Pylonz & Kinetix remix

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dj trish said...

Hi Im Trish
I like this you make CD mixes too.I love Luciano and the great positive vibes he has.I was playing some reggae at my last gig and someone said it sounded like rap.No I replied THIS is reggae music.listen to the positive lyrics.
Well anyway happy new year and Groove on!Feel free to check out my blog if you wish.
Peace out.