Sunday, January 09, 2011

Projector Mix - Principal dub

A tune written and recorded by Hallelujah Picassos with Mike Hodgson (aka the Projector) at his studio, which he called Pitch Black (of course this later became the moniker for his musical project with Paddy Free, formed in 97). This tune came out on Mike's first Projector Mix album on Deep Grooves in 1992, and also appeared on the Deep Grooves compilation Instrumental Killers. The Picassos also recorded and released two other tunes with Mike - Sister Stacy, and Marshall Law Dub, both on the album Hateman In Love. Mike has told me there's an unreleased second Projector Mix album floating round in his archives somewhere, which I'd love to hear.

The tune below is off the Nemesis Dub Systems debut album A Multitrack Situation - called The Began, the Projector Mix. More on NDS soon. 

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