Monday, January 03, 2011

Dub letters

I scored a copy of the Nuclear Waste 12-inch from Herbs at Real Groovy today. It's got a fantastic dub version that I've never heard of of French Letter (Letter to France), so here it is, freshly digitised for you folk. Google tells me that when French Letter came out as a single in 1982, the B side was this dub version. The radio announcer's credit is Sharon Graham.

Also got a copy of the compilation "We'll do our best", which features Herbs' labelmates Diatribe. Their tune on the compilation is Contamination Blues, listen below.

Also go have a listen to Dangerous Game by Diatribe - I posted it up here, along with the cover version from Deepgrooves artist Jules Issa. Got a ton more Deepgrooves posts coming soon, starting with Riot Riddim Sound System.

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