Friday, January 14, 2011

Deepgrooves - Nemesis Dub Systems

 When you opened up the CD booklet for the 1992 debut album from Nemesis Dub Systems, you were greeted with the follwing message in large type...

"A Multitrack Situation was recorded between 1989 and 1992 on shit equipment with no fucking budget!"

Nemesis Dub Systems (NDS) were Eddie Chambers and Joost Langeveld. Both played as members of Flying Nun act NRA, and Joost also played in the Greg Johnson Set. They frequently collaborated as NDS with Stinky Jim (who also designed the cover montage for their debut album). They were widely known for their BFM top ten hit song A Young Boy's Tale, a delightfully grim song.

The above track features Jan Hellreigel on vocals, Anthony Ioasa on additional keys, and was mixed by Angus McNaughton at Incubator. Golden Dreams featured on the 2nd Deepgrooves compilation Deep in the Pacific of bass, and was also included on their album. NDS featured on the first Deepgrooves compilation (they were credited as "Nemesis Dub") , with How Bout That, which also appeared on their album, and featured Stinky Jim, credited as Sample Selector.

The following  blurbs are from, who have the NDS album available for sale as MP3s.

"NDS were Joost Langveld and Eddie Chambers, who released a 12" on Wildside and an album on Deepgrooves and were once featured on Eyewitness News, intro'd by Lindsay Perigo who announced them with barely concealed disgust, which I'd say is a badge of honour..."

"Released in 1992, this album was recorded and mixed at bFM studio 3 8-track facilities except 'Golden Dream - Nightmare on Symonds St', recorded and mixed at Incubator Studio, 'How about that' recorded and mixed at 'The Lab', and 'They Begin - Bonus Projector Mix' recorded and mixed at Pitch Black Studio'. Mastered at 'The Lab'. All tracks written and produced by N.D.S. (Langeveld/Chambers) except tracks 6 'Yeah Yeah' and 10 'How about that' (Chambers/Langeveld/Pinckney)."

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