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Deepgrooves - Jules Issa

Jules Issa. Photo: Sonoma Message. Published in Planet, 1991
Jules Issa's Diatribe cover was released on the Deepgrooves label in 1991 and featured Joost Langeveld (Unitone Hifi, Subware) on bass. It also came out as a single (that's where the image with the video is from). There's images I found for two other singles from her around the same time, and a listing which mentions her album on Deepgrooves, though I have no memory of these releases actually coming out. Anyone else know? There were quite a few Deepgrooves album/EP releases that got finished but went unreleased, like the 2R2S (Riot Riddum Sound System) EP.

UPDATED August 2012 - I've now got a copy of this release, it came out as a mini album in 1995, seven songs and three dubs under the title Found In You. See full listing at Discogs.

I posted some of this info late last year, including the Diatribe original, hear it over here. Diatribe were contemporaries of Herbs, and recorded on the same label as them.

ADDED November 2012: the video of Dangerous Game, shot in 1992, director William Roberts.... I digitised this from the TV3 show Frenzy, voiceover by Kate Stalker, animation by John Pain, screened May 94...

ADDED August 2012: the Single Remix version of Dangerous Game, released in 1992....

Jules Issa biography (source: Multilingual archive, based on Wikipedia entry)

Jules Issa is an album recorded by Julie Ann Huhana Ryland. This album was released by Deep Grooves Entertainment when Jules was 25 years old.

Recording History

Her career started back with the band from Porirua called 'Styx and Shanty' and was co-writer for their album "Honey" She left before she could record anything with them, however her sister Barbara Ryland recorded and remained with the band until this album was completed.
Deepgrooves Entertainment saw the potential of this singer-songwriter and through 1993 to 1995 Jules and Deepgrooves made the album Found In You [track listing below].

She was nominated 'Most Promising Female Artist' and was granted 3 videos. She toured many countries performing songs from this album.

Today, Sony Entertainment has Found In You and one can often hear it playing on the New Zealand television programme 'Shortland Street'.

1 Prologue
2 Discomfort in their eyes
3 Found In You
4 Sweet Child
5 Growing Pains
6 No Rain No Shine
7 Don't B 2 shy 2 Love
8 Dangerous Dub
9 Tuffys Dub
10 Don't B 2 Shy 2 Love Dub

Jules' family information

Jules is a Māori descendant of Josef' Manuel and Charlie Ryland, who married Māori wahine (women). She comes from the Maori tribes Ngati Porou and Kai Tahu. Her father is Daniel Kopua Ryland and her mother is Hine Rungarunga Ryland. She is the 4th youngest of 14 siblings. She now resides in Auckland and has two children, Joshua Key and Whenua Key. She is an active member of The Twelve Tribes of Israel NZ and works in the New Zealand music industry to this day.

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Anonymous said...

She has 3 more children and has taken time off the live performance circuit to raise them. She currently resides in Hawkes Bay and is forming a group to start back in the music scene. A couple of her all time favourites like Mr Melody and Found In You will be hot on the press along with with the flavor of her maori culture hertiage and people. She will be joined by guest artistes and work alongside others who were part of Deep Grooves too. Surprise ahead

Anonymous said...

Hi ... its Jules here. If you have any queries please dont hestitate to ask. One love.