Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Deepgrooves - Anthony Ioasa/Grace

Baby You Know (Pacific Round House remix) is off the Deepgrooves compilation Deep in the Pacific of bass. Anthony Ioasa sings and plays keys and it's produced by Joost Langeveld at The Lab.

Anthony Ioasa was also part of the band Grace (also on Deepgrooves), along with his brothers Jason and the late Paul. They released an album (below) on Deepgrooves in 1995.

Jason says in the Youtube comments for this video below... "Firstly on behalf of myself, my late brother Paul and eldest brother Anthony- thanks for putting this video up. Really appreciate it. Yeah - back in those days no-one had ever shot in the museum before and it took a lot of harassing the managers to let us do it. We had to pay for a special overnight security guard."

ADDED: Hat tip to Simon Grigg for pointing me to this video from Desert Moon, from 1995, looks like it was shot at the venue on Queen St now known as The White House. What was it called back then? Spot the cameo from Bic Runga on BVs. She joined the live band Grace put together, along with Earl Robinson (The Chills, Peter Stuyvesant Hitlist). BVs on the album were sung by Caitlin Smith.

Also, Simon mentions on his blog that "there was a second album partially recorded for PolyGram, under the wing of Mark Tierney, which was equally glorious but suffered from the management mess that was Universal takeover of that company in 1998 and remains unheard." 

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Anonymous said...

Paul Ioasa and I were sweethearts for a while in 2001. We worked in the kitchen at a yoga center together in Lenox, MA. I had no idea that he passed away. What a lovely man, wonderful guitar player, just the dearest person. What happened to him? My heart goes out to everyone who is putting his music out there.