Friday, January 07, 2011

Blowfly documentary

Blowfly appeared at the 2010 BDO and have heard reports from folk who saw him that he was the best thing all day. This is an interview with the film maker Johnathan Furmanski (director of Pixies doco loudQUIETloud) about his documentary on this legendary filthmonger.

"Blowfly gained a measure of underground celebrity into the early hip hop era, even charting with the 1980 album Blowfly’s Party, before fading into obscurity.

So filmmaker/photographer Jonathan Furmanski didn’t expect to find much when he aimlessly typed “Blowfly” into Google one day a few years back. That search – and the discovery that Blowfly, by then nearing 70, had never stopped recording and touring – led to The Weird World of Blowfly, which traces Reid’s career and his often fraught and frustrating attempts to keep it up.

Debuted at last year’s South by Southwest festival, it’s a suitably obscene yet intimate and surprising portrait of a singular performer, featuring testimonials from fans like Ice-T and German punk band Die Arzte and interviews with Reid’s ex-wife and semi-estranged children, who still seem somewhat befuddled as to where “Blowfly” ends and “Clarence” begins. Furmanski, who is now raising funds on Kickstarter to finance distribution (click on the widget below the article to contribute or learn more), chatted with MFW from his New York home about chronicling the original dirty rapper."

Read it here.  Trailer below (watch for his Clash cover).  Furmanski is raising funds via Kickstarter, help him out if you feel so inclined.

Blowfly Film Trailer from blowflyfilm on Vimeo.

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