Friday, January 07, 2011

2R2s - Take you home dub

Another tune from 2R2S (Riot Riddim Sound System)  - Take you home dub, taken from the Deepgrooves compilation Instrumental Killers, from 1994, I believe. The CD has no date listed on it, handy that.

I  had previously thought this was a dub version of a song that was intended for inclusion on the ill-fated 2R2S EP that was in production at the time, but a recent conversation with Roland from 2R2S suggests I had it all wrong.

Roland says this song was not a dub version at all but an instrumental they'd recorded with the intention of writing lyrics for one of their crew, Paulette Edwards (ex Strawpeople), to sing over it. They had been performing a version of it live with Paulette using the lyrics and melody of a song by Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, I Wonder If I Take You Home (video).

The plan was to write some original lyrics for her to sing, but Roland says they found it difficult getting studio time, as Deepgrooves engineers Mark Tierney and Chris Sinclair were basically working for free, donating their time, so they (2R2S) had to wait until the engineers had some spare time between paying gigs.

Also, Roland told me this instrumental was included on the compilation without their knowledge or permission.

Other acts on this compilation included Sound Foundation, Unitone Hifi, NDS (Nemesis Dub Systems), Nag, Urban Disturbance, Projector, and Babel (Andy "Submariner" Morton and Kieran Cooney). Babel released an EP on Deepgrooves in 1994, called A is for Atom (more info here). Most of the tunes on this compilation had been on other Deepgrooves releases.

Coming up next... the Picassos get dubbed by Mike Hodgson (pre-Pitch Black)

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