Thursday, December 02, 2010

London calling

Some bright spark has persuaded members of the Clash that it's a good idea to make a bio-pic based on the making of the London Calling album. It sounds like a perfectly dreadful idea, but hey, who knows. That Ian Dury movie turned out alright. Must get a copy of that.

The BBC reports that "former Clash members Paul Simonon and Mick Jones will executive produce the film, named after the 1979 record. Playwright Jez Butterworth will pen the script, which will tell how producer Guy Stevens worked with the band to create their most celebrated disc. It will be produced by Alison Owen and Paul Trijbits of Ruby Film and Television.

"Fans of The Clash all over the world have been waiting a long time to see their extraordinary story played out properly and accurately on the big screen," said Owen. "We're happy that Mick and Paul have given the project their blessing and are on board to help steer the ship."

Bonus: Read Perfect Sound Forever on the making of the Clash song Train In Vain, a last minute addition to the London Calling album. Excerpted from the book Route 19 Revisited: the Clash and London Calling.

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JKing said...

Interesting news -- not sure how I feel about it! Would I love to see a fly on the wall doco about making the album? Absolutely (which what makes watchable bits of Rude Boy watchable)! Do I want to see actors acting as the various members of the Clash? Probably not ... At least we'd hope for 'Control' level attention to detail (look alike -- and actually play the music) or possibly Backbeat (actors miming, but great musos doing the music) rather than 'Sid & Nancy' style punk rock panto.

London Calling was first record I ever bought!