Monday, November 15, 2010

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Sat Nov 13

Had some guests doing the show this weekend, Coopa Blu and friends. I joined them later on Saturday night at Jam, a monthly night at Grand Central on Ponsonby Rd. It's a mad concept - you take 5 DJs, let em play two records each, then switch to the next DJ. Two for two, the whole night, from 8pm til 5 in the morning. It was hilarious. I even got to play Poi-e, and people danced and sang along. How cool is that? Anyways, here is the playlist from Coopa Blu,...

Turn it Out - Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band
Fools Gold - Calvin Law
King Charles - Budos Band
B For My Name - Beastie Boys
After Midnight - Sharm
Night Air (Ramadanman Refix) - Jamie Woon
Bi-Cyles - Greyboy
Manteca - Cesars Salad
Manila - Seelenluft
King of Darkness (Swell Session Stateless Remix) - Susuma Yokota
Tabaco y Ron - TM Juke
Exit Routine - Ras
Cocan - Patchworks
Babyback - Ron Buford
Older-Shawn Lee&Miles Boney
Eye to eye-Amp Fiddler
Saturday - Home Brew
From The Drop - Wiley & MJ Cole
This Is A Jam - Demon Boyz
Barrio - Lopez
Bath Music - Greyboy
70mph Isn't Fast Enough To Get Out Of Nebraska - Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins
Pain(It's Gonna Come Heavier)-Silhouette Brown
Version for Version - Oogun
Razor Sharp Dub - Cessman vs Joe Ariwa
Step It Up (Dan Donovan For Dons Letts Dub Cartel) - Scientist

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