Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Making Tracks

Making Tracks has returned to our tv screens, with that intrepid wee lad Nick D heading off around the globe to far-flung cities, finding musicians and persuading them to cover a New Zealand song.

Thankfully the cover songs from the show are now on sale while the series is still screening, which is a great idea  -worked brilliantly for the 1st series of Glee in the US, where the songs from each episode went on sale on iTunes as soon as the show had aired there, creating huge demand.

Grab them here at Amplifier. Songs for ep 2 & 4 up now. 
Bonus: go watch Supergroove's Can't Get Enough covered by 30-piece steel drum group Phase II Pan Groove in Trinidad. Mean!

Photo: Makjng Tracks website, Ghana episode.

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