Thursday, November 18, 2010

Expressway thru your skull

Bruce Russell is in legendary Dunedin (or was it Port Chalmers) band The Dead C, and was behind the label Expressway. Flying Nun has posted a radio show he did recently on their blog, go have a listen. There's tracks from Fetus Productions, Playthings, Swingers, Herco Pilots, Naked Spots Dance, Wasp Factory....

As Bruce notes, his selections aim to highlight "... how there was a lot of stuff happening in that decade [1980s] in NZ ‘around’ what in retrospect seems like the ‘prime’ imprint of the decade (Flying Nun), but which at the time was just one (the biggest) among a number of like-minded outlets for the burgeoning music scene of the time, in what was a golden age of creativity and talent investment....

"... I think I can honestly say that back then we hardly knew how lucky we were to be so spoiled for choice. I actually did have a rather crazy inkling that The Clean were quite literally the best band in the world in 1981. And ever since then I’ve felt I was right. What I didn’t know was that within my lifetime such music would become almost impossible to make with the same degree of passion and commitment..."

Bruce Russell - interviewed (in 2000).

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