Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trevor Reekie interviewed

"Its a kind of like the Simpsons making a snuff movie - you wonder why you're doing it sometimes." Trevor Reekie, on what it's like running a record label, 1998 interview.

Here's the illustrious Mr Reekie, interviewed from BFM's Seeded programme. Listen here. Trevor discovered and signed acts like Shihad, Bic Runga, Strawpeople, Greg Johnson and Pluto to name a few, to his Pagan Records label. He's a bloody talented chap and has been involved in more hit records than you've had hot breakfasts. Go and have a listen.

Their blurb: "Trevor Reekie was once described as “one of the NZ recording industry’s most important figures”, something he would no doubt dispute, despite the truth of it. The varied accomplishments of this all-rounder began in the 1970s. After he worked for the monumentally-important independent label Stiff Records in London, he brought knowledge and experience back to NZ and applied it to a series of independents: Stunn, Reaction, Pagan, and Antenna.

As a producer, he worked on records by artists including the Mockers and Danse Macabre; and as a multi-instrumentalist musician, was part of Car Crash Set, The Greg Johnson Band, and A Trip To The Moon.

In the last decade, Trevor has been “a music guy” at Radio New Zealand, hosting the in-depth music insider series Access All Areas, greatly contributing to maintaining all forms of popular music as "worthwhile culture...".

For more on Pagan Records amazing catalogue, read Simon Grigg's discography here, with additional notes from Trevor. 

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