Monday, October 04, 2010

NZ Music Awards get Sweetman'd

Music reviewer and blogger Simon Sweetman wrote a piece today on the NZ Music Awards and his disgust for it. It's worth noting that he was also a judge this year (and yet he claims he isn't part of the music industry - go figure). There were several points he makes in the piece which are factually incorrect - I did try to post them as comments on his blog but they didn't get published, as is their choice.

Sweetman has a go at the Critics Choice Prize, saying "the winner was supposed to be a band that did not have an album out at the time of judging. Two of the three finalists released their albums within weeks of the judging..." Wrong. This award was for bands who did not have an album out during the eligibility period  -June 1 2009 to May 31 2010, not at the time of judging (see NZMA eligibilty criteria).

He also says "There were also meant to be two showcase gigs - one in Wellington and one in Christchurch. A chance to take a part of the awards show on the road, to take it out of Auckland; in the end these shows never happened." Why was that? Because there was an earthquake in Christchurch which made them no longer viable. Left that bit out, aye Simon?

Best part - he slags off Dane Rumble, Gin, Ladyhawke, then highlights his critical darlings, the Phoenix Foundation - but fails to mention they have the most nominations of any act at this years awards.


MikeE said...

My favorite are the Our House Nite:Life Awards...

where the promoters strangely win the top award each year, and one "top award" going to someone who's never even mixed 2 tracks together.

Lolworthy in the extreme. I know one winner who cringes whenever he sees #1 DJ as voted by the OUR:HOUSE nitelife awards on flyers.

Anonymous said...

Well done for correcting the ever negative Mr Sweetman.
I would also like to add that by rubbishing ANY song/band he takes the easiest option of getting some response which the editor will see and he will keep his job for a while longer. (at least i think thats his angle).

p.s. really looking forward to the music awards.

Anonymous said...

A quick scan over Sweetman's blog will give you an idea of where his tastes lie:

Stevie Ray Vaughan
Paul Ubana Jones
Phil Collins
Cairo Knife Fight
Elvis Presley
The Ginger Baker Trio
The Amps
Vince Neil

Arcade Fire
The White Stripes
The Ruby Suns
Everyone nominated at this year's music awards aside from Phoenix Foundation...

Maybe he's just getting a little old to be reviewing contemporary music?

bossman said...

don't forget raving about Toto and disliking Paul Weller...