Saturday, October 09, 2010

Ian Morris farewelled

From Hawkes Bay Today, an editorial "It's a poorer place without Ian Morris". Read it here.

Also, Simon Grigg remembers Ian's work as a studio engineer and producer, for the likes of Hello Sailor (that's his production on Gutter Black), DD Smash, Greg Johnson, The Warratahs, Pop Mechanix, Southside of Bombay, Screaming Meemees and more.

"...An Ian Morris production was noticeably and identifiably an “Ian Morris” record. They had a sound and it was a sound that worked. For me, he produced the only album by The Screaming Meemees. The sessions were uproarious – rather out of control and bourbon soaked. It was at these that he met Kim, his wife.

I talked to him several times over the years about remixing these, as recently as a few months ago – it was his idea, as he felt the album was unfinished and didn’t want to leave it that way, although I guess that’s the way it will now stay.

However, when we remastered Paradise for digital release late last year, the remasterer, Alan Jansson, no studio slouch himself, was blown away by the audio depth and quality of the recording (also a tribute to the original engineer, Steve Kennedy) of the original which still sounds as vaguely ahead of its time as it did when released..."

Ian's own website has some great writing on his studio work, including the tale of two snaredrums (Gutter black/Game of Love). What a loss.

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