Friday, October 08, 2010

Hollie Smith remix

Ms Hollie Smith has a remix competition on at the moment, and I've cooked up a Dub Asylum remix for it, all reggae-styles. Have a listen, and if you like it, please vote for it. Thanks


Anon said...

nice mix bro. I'd love to hear a version that just had little dubbed out snippets of the vocals rather than the whole vocal...i'm not the biggest fan of her remix though. large ups

Peter said...

Thanks! Might try doing a dubby mix. Was going for a different musical style under the vocal without changing the vocal arrangement too much. Cheers

Makavetis said...

Hey, I noticed art as one of your interests, I started a new art blog maybe u'll like it! Thanks and keep up great work.

nige said...

Peter, that's special.
You've shown such respect for an amazing singer and added so much more flavour to it.
Well done. It works brilliantly.