Tuesday, October 19, 2010

En Zed Internetz turn 21

Down to the wire is a great site presenting the history of the internet in NZ, year by year starting in 1989.

There's some great interview snippets, like Richard Ram talking about Flying Nun's Oz partner Mushroom, getting Roger Shepherd hooked up to email,and suggesting he group his emails together and send them over once a day. Seriously.

Also commentary from Russell Brown, Greer McDonald, Jack Yan and others talking about their own experiences. All nice short clips too. There's some fascinating contributions too from readers down the right hand side of each page.

I was even reminded of Pelican  Bar in Elliot st, run by the Wood brothers, which had a few computers sitting on the bar top hooked up to the internet (I recall playing some insanely packed shows there with the Picassos). The Wood brothers got out of bars and set up an ISP, Ihug, which did pretty good for them!

Snip: "Journalist Russell Brown recalls that, on a slow news day, all he had to do was call Nick Wood and keep him on the line until he, invariably, said something controversial – and a story was had."

Speaking of the Nun, each new daily post comes with a free MP3 from the Nun's archive - so far there's been 3Ds, Dimmer, JPSE, Look blue go purple, Bressa creeting cake and more. Great way to make yourselves a Flying Nun mixtape to boot.

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