Monday, August 02, 2010

Askew's tales

Local graffiti artist Askew (aka Elliot O'Donnell) has been chronicling some of the key moments of his creative life on his blog, and the latest installment just went up.

We were talking via Twitter about a photo of Danny D from Dam Native back in the day, and I dug out an old copy of Planet magazine and scanned it for Askew. It's a great photo, and as Askew mentions, was a huge B&W poster that used to be all over walls round central Auckland at the time, including in the window of Bungalow Bills music shop on Symond St. Go read Askew's latest post here - "It's all about identity".

"... the groups that had the most impact on me were those that were most prolific around the time I started High School. Musically I’m referring to Dam Native (Which Bennet Pomana from Upper Hutt Posse was a member) and Urban Disturbance, and graffiti wise I speak of DLT, Opto, Daniel Tippet, DAF crew and Tank WL..."

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