Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Welcome to the terrordome

"Copyright law, as it now stands in the US, is at a real crisis..." DJ Spooky.

Via Crate Kings: "Alex Kreit, Nancy Prager, Andre Smith, Benjamin Franzen (director, Copyright Criminals doco) and DJ Spooky discuss the curious case of how Girl Talk has successfully utilised over 300 uncleared samples and somehow managed to avoid being sued by the copyright holders. A really interesting discussion for anyone involved in the creation of sample based music."

Franzen says his film concludes that "we're in a remix culture, and the law has not caught up to that culture..."

Copyright Criminals trailer below, see PBS site for more (also out on DVD). Check the George Clinton quote - "I got sued for sampling my own music".  That is messed up.

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