Tuesday, July 20, 2010


At the weekend I went to Barcamp Auckland. It's an conference where the participants provide all the content  - put forward topics to give talks on, and then turn up and make it happen. The term for it is unconference, apparently. The participants drew mainly from web development and design, but came from other fields too. There was the University lecturer who talked about Wikipediaphobia among academics, for example.

It was the 4th one, but my first time at it. It was a very stimulating day, some fascinating ideas thrown around. I gave a talk on LP cover art, and how Steve Jobs nearly killed it off  with the minimalist thumbnail in iTunes (same as the one I gave at Design Assembly). Anyways, here's the slides from my presentation, lotsa pretty covers... enjoy!

SlideShare presentation : Vinyl Flashbacks http://slidesha.re/9PXRgb

And as a bonus - stumbled upon this great presentation on how to start a record collection, from Barcamp Vancouver.   
Spinning the Black Circle - Getting into Vinyl ... http://slidesha.re/1FwgUI
Hat tip to Rick Vugteveen, rickvug.com

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